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You have to continuously make choices throughout your life. Whether it is made consciously or unconsciously, by making a choice means that you must have also given up on something. If you do not hold any regret in your choice, that means you must have made the right decision.
- Yoshida Yuuzan
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To the boy who came into this world 23 years ago.
Where do I even begin… You’re so so talented, so cute, so courageous, so thoughtful and yes - the 4D prince who lives in his own little bubble~

You’re such a huge inspiration. You’ve encountered so many setbacks in life, but you still keep going strong and never give up. Despite all those harsh experiences, you never complained and instead, treasured those moments and developed yourself even more.

My love for you is indescribable; you’re my role model. I just hope you’ll always continue to do what you love.

Happy Birthday Jang Hyunseung <3 

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